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What is The 40 Percent Symposium?

Founded in 2011 by John Pike, the aim of the Symposium was to create a one day, high quality conference which gives delegates a complete overview of current sustainability issues as they affect commercial property both from an investors’ and occupiers’ perspective.

Since its foundation, the 40 Percent Symposium has established itself as the leading resource for those working in the commercial property industry.  Focusing on sustainability and the impact this topic has on the value of commercial property, our mission is to bring to you the latest thinking on sustainability in commercial property, investment, occupation and ownership. 

The conferences identify the trends so that investors and occupiers alike can plan their strategies. Property is a long game; decisions to acquire, develop or sell can be years in the making. Therefore, we bring you the most influential speakers and content that will provoke thought and discussion. The conference programmes will give you the basis for decisions that will ensure that the investments and acquisitions you make now will deliver profit and value in the future whilst remaining sustainable.


The 40 Percent Symposium 2018

We are delighted to announce that the next 40 Percent Symposium will take place on the 12th April 2018, hosted by ES EnviroSustain.  We will be making a welcome return to Berlin, following a very successful 2016 event.  Further details will be announced shortly, so please do keep up to date with the latest news from our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


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