Wed 30 Oct 2013
Expo Real is an international trade fair for Property and Investment businesses which is held each year in München immediately after the Oktoberfest There are over 1600 exhibitors and around 35,000 property and related professionals visit the fair over a period of 3 days. Expo Real is a personal favourite of mine; it is well organised with the exhibition stands easily navigated and an accessible programme of interesting seminars. With the Frankfurt 40 Percent Symposium due to take place on 14th November it is of course the ideal place for me to go. There I can make contact with most of the Symposium speakers for Frankfurt, catch up with old colleagues from my ISA days and introduce many new companies to the Symposium’s programme. So armed with a case full of Symposium flyers I landed in Munchen on the Monday evening. Staying in the hotel Treff in the centre of München, close to the Hauptbahnhof enabled me to arrive by U bahn promptly each morning. On the first morning I was able to...

Thu 3 Oct 2013
Over 100 delegates assembled at Haberdashers Hall in the City of London for the third annual 40 Percent Symposium on 19th September 2013. The 40 Percent Symposium is rapidly becoming the premier sustainability event for senior executives in commercial property, whether as investors, occupiers, owners or consultants. Over 100 delegates assembled at Haberdashers Hall in the City of London for the third annual 40 Percent Symposium on 19th September 2013. The 40 Percent Symposium is rapidly becoming the premier sustainability event for senior executives in commercial property, whether as investors, occupiers, owners or consultants. I was pleased to be able to introduce as our key note speaker, Professor Sir John Beddington, who was until recently the UK Governments Chief Scientist. Sir John painted a picture for delegates of current climate science thinking. He said the next 20 years are already determined. We know how population...

According to BP's annual Energy Outlook report emissions will be nearly double in 2035 than the 1990 level as a result of a 41% increase in energy consumption.   The report cites the growth in emissions to the increased consumption in emerging economies (95% of all consumption), with China being the main source of growth.  Established economies will return to a 1990 level of energy consumption, showing a 0.2% per annum growth and this growth will fall from 2030 onwards. Fossil fuels form 27% of the total energy use, with carbon-free sources increasing their share by 5% from 2012 to 2035.   To read the full article please click here.

The Chartered Institution of Building (CIOB) has recently moved from their base in Ascot creating a new sustainable office base.  The building not only creates a sustainable office environment but also saw the implementation of a sustainable construction plan to build the new premises.   The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) SKA environmental assessment tool has awarded the new headquarters of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) a gold sustainability rating. To read the full story and comment from CIOB Chief Executive Chris Blythe click here.

According to the new European Environment Agency (EEA) report published today, the European Union is on track to meet emission reduction targets by 2020.   Since 1990 the EU has reduced emissions by approximatley 18% up until 2012.  The EEA report indicates that we are on course to meet the 20% reduction target by 2020.  Moreover all EU countries who have their own individual greenhouse gas reduction targets are also on course to meet their own targets.

Taking sustainability mainstream in commercial property, the 40 Percent Symposium launches this years conference to be held on 19th September 2013 at Haberdashers Hall, Smithfield, London.  London, 21st May 2013 - The 40 Percent Symposium today launches the 2013 London Symposium to be held on 19th September. Headlining this year’s event will be Professor Sir John Beddington, most recently the UK Government Chief Scientist, who as keynote speaker will focus on the urgency of need in tackling climate change. Professor Beddington has warned that there is already enough CO2 in the atmosphere for there to be more floods, storms and droughts over the next 25 years and that there is a “need for urgency” in tackling climate change. The impact of commercial property on carbon emissions cannot therefore be underestimated because the sector accounts for almost 1/5th of all UK carbon emissions. Other notable speakers will talk about the risk to investors from climate change and how to...

Thanks to Ioannis Orfanos, Director at Green Value Associates for highlighting this article in our 40 Percent Symposium LinkedIn Discussion Group. The article which you can read in full via the link below is written by Sandy Apgar for Urban Land.  Sandy focuses on how the real estate industry, professions and research will be supported by internet communications and IT. You can read the article in full here.

Barack Obama today unveiled the most ambitious plan to counter climate change ever put forward by a US president, saying he would not condemn future generations “to a planet that is beyond fixing”  Read the full article

We read with interest CaGBC plans to introduce an online LEED Project Profiles database as part of World Green Building Week.  The database will contain details of the 4000 LEED projects which are currently registered and certified in Canada.  The database will also include details of case studies, and is being hailed as the most comprehensive collection of data on Canadian green buildings available according to Thomas Mueller, president and CEO of CaGBC. To read the article in full click here.

We were delighted to receive our event feedback report from BREthis morning regarding the London conference which took place in September.  There were some great responses from delegates which will help shape not only our Frankfurt Symposium on the 14th November but also our future London conferences as well. Key comments from delegates were as follows: "(The conference) provided discussion around the sustainability agenda in Real Estate." "A good cross section of building sustainability - investment management and performance." "Internationally  recognised  speakers." "Probably the strongest and most interesting 40 Percent Symposium agenda so far." "I got a good understanding of the commercial sector and where it is going." "Insightful and good industry participants." If you have any comments regarding the London conference please feel free to get involved in the conversation via our Twitter page or...