The RICS have published a research paper entitled; Non-domestic Real Estate Climate Change Model.  The report draws some important conclusions from its examination of Display Energy Certificate (DEC) data from over 60,000 buildings.  The article provides a picture of how climate change impacts on operating costs and investment decisions in the UK commercial property sector. To read the full article click here.      

It was announced yesterday that The Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to reduce environmental guidance and legislation which businesses currently have to comply with.  This has been met with mixed reaction across the board with UK Green Building Council criticising the move as 'irresponsible.' 40 Percent Symposium Founder and Managing Director John Pike comments: “As a small business owner myself I welcome any progress in cutting back on unnecessary rules and regulations. However I do see a difference between red tape and guidance which promotes investment. I hope the Prime Minister’s action is on the former and not the latter. Increasingly the 40 Percent Symposium is focused on the whole of Europe not just the UK. I see plenty of evidence of our European partners embracing sustainability along with the opportunities that brings. I do hope that the climate (no pun intended) in the UK for real estate investment in buildings and products is not damaged by what should be a...

  40 Percent Symposium supporters the Green Rating Alliance recently released their annual report for 2013 and we are delighted to be featured.  You can view the full report via the attached PDF document. 

Sustain Magazine article by John Pike - Driving change in the commercial buildings sector - Dec 2012 in"> Download the full article here  

The UK government's chief scientist and 40 Percent Syposium keynote speaker, Prof Sir John Beddington, says that there is already enough CO2 in the atmosphere for there to be more floods, drought and storms over the next 25 years.

"UK - Real estate investment managers are caught between the growing sustainability demands of investors and a proliferation of reporting initiatives." To read the full article click here.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), almost half of businesses (44%) believe engagement with business leaders will be the most important factor in successfully implementting sustainability strategy for the future, as edieEnergy reports yesterday. The piece then goes on to report how some companies are not selling sustainability at board level, as Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock states: "business leaders need to embrace disruptive new approaches to sustainability - noth within our own organsiations and thorugh our value chains."  This sentiment is at the heart of what the 40 Percent Symposium aims to do through our events.  We aim to support senior level managers to help them manage sustainability concerns within their industry to support a movement towards sustainability thinking acorss the board.  It is clear from this article and the study it reports on that board level sustainability education is essential to achieve best business pratice and...

Due to a flurry of bookings we have extended our Early Bird ticket offer for the Frankfurt Conference on the 14th November, until close of business (6pm GMT) on the 31st October.  The standard price for the conference is 750 Euro, but the early bird ticket price entitles you to the special ticket rate of 600 Euro.   For more information about the conference and our fantastic speaker line up, click here.

Resonance Asset Management income fund has led the purchasing of four UK wind farms comprising of a total of 23 turbines producing 23.9MW of electricity.  Investments from Northern Europe and UK corporate pension funds and a UK public sector fund have funded the purchase of four new, operating wind farms.  The wind farms provide the fund with an inflation linked income of between 8% and 10% due to government guarantees in pricing.  For full details please click here.

40 Percent Symposium announces the inaugural London Symposium for Sustainable Commercial Property Development & Management London, June 2011 The 40 Percent Symposium announce the first London Symposium to be held on 23rd November 2011 at RIBA Headquarters in Portland Place, London. This year’s symposium will focus on recognising the growing importance of sustainability in all property decisions. More than 250 Property Directors, Property Investors, Asset Managers and Commercial Property Consultants will be invited to and the conference will provide delegates with an overview, in one day, of the current implications of sustainability in commercial property. The Symposium, the first of its kind, will cover current and future European legislation, certification schemes and their relative advantages, the value of sustainability in strategic decisions and a walk through the myriad of environmental performance benchmarks, occupier and investor strategies, green...