The IPCC report published last week will warn that it is 95% likely that human activity has driven climate change since the 1950s. The UK Government Scientist said today we can expect significant climate disruption in the future. The property industry is a major part of every developed economy in the world and increasingly developing economies. It therefore has a huge part to play in reducing emissions. It cannot do this without accurate measurement.  As Thomas Stocker, the co-chair of the report depressingly put it: “we are committed to climate change…for many centuries even if emissions of CO2 stop.” To read a full summary of the report please visit The Economist online pages here.

Dr Brian Motherway was one of our speakers at our London 2013 conference. Dr Motherway is the Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).  Under the Better Energy schemes which are administered by SEAI, the Irish government will spend the equivalent of £10.8 million on more than 80 community energy projects by the end of 2013. The projects will include energy efficiency upgrades to over 3,500 homes and more than 290 public and community buildings.  Delivering the projects will achieve a 7m Euro annual energy savings as well as creating more than 300 full time jobs. To read the full article by eddieEnergy click here.

A US survey by Cushman & Wakefield on the extent to which sustainability influences investment decisions found that 72% of real estate investment managers interviewed said they had established sustainable policies in their organisations. It also found that European investors were ahead of their US colleagues in the adoption of sustainable investing. You can read the full report in the attached PDF.  

Last week The European Union's Executive called for a 40% goal in reduction of carbon emissions in the next 16 years.  The 40% cut is based on 1990 levels and will be enforced for all European Union Member States.  For more information click here.

The impact of sustainability on debt and lending in the UK property market delivered to HSBC on 15th May 2013 by John Pike, MD , 40 Percent Symposium and Andrew Innocent, Associate, Savills Valuation. Please register here to access all our downloadable documents  

In a recent interview with Jeff Goodell for Rolling Stone, Bill Gates talks about his views on climate change with some interesting observations.  The overriding theme of the interview is that he is extremely optimistic that science will find solutions to climate change issues. You can find the relevant climate change section via Sustainable here.  

The government-backed Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has announced it will support 22 energy efficiency projects to deliver up to €7m (£5.9m) of annual energy savings and support more than 500 jobs. Hear Dr Brian Motherway, Chief Executive of the SEAI, speak at 40 Percent on sustainable energy as a core strategic issue for society. Read more at

Skanska focusing on green issues with 40 Percent Symposium colleagues at London 2013 conference. To read the full article click here.

Yesterday saw significant changes come into force for the Companies Act which will mean that businesses are now subject to a legal requirement to integrate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions within their financial reports.  The requirement will also place other requirements on businesses to aid the move towards environmental issues become an important factor in long-term business strategy. This move will have a big impact on long-term decision making, enabling a long term enviromental plan to be produced.  For more information on the response to the report and what it means for businesses please visit the full edieEnergy article here.

In this weeks article from edieEnergy Pricewaterhouse Cooper's Low Carbon Economy Index report shows that we have only managed to average 0.7% decarbonisation each year, implying that we will utilise up the carbon budget for the century by 2034. The report looks for investment in renewables, nuclear power, storage, carbon capture and energy efficiency to achieve a global rapid decarbonisation which has been demonstrated by the US and China, as well a world wide deal with all countries committing to ambitious targets for decarbonisation.   To read the full article click here.