Sustainability Trends in the International Real Estate Sector - Insight from 40 Percent Symposium Founder John Pike

Mon 9 Jan 2017

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a conference organised by the Knowledge Transfer Network with Warwick University. The challenge for the day was innovation and how it could improve building assets performance. My presentation looked at some of the trends I have seen recently at the 40 Percent Symposia in Germany where the focus has been on 

  • Regulation
  • Performance Management
  • Improved Value and Lower Depreciation
  • Business Opportunity
  • Customer Experience

Sponda plc of Finland brought this altogether rather well at the last Symposium in Berlin with their product ....Spondability. This has 6 pillars.

  1. Energy & Environmental Efficiency
  2. Property Location
  3. Enhancing the Customer Experience
  4. Investing in Employees
  5. Transparent and Ethical Operations
  6. Taking the Industry forward

The afternoon at Warwick was given over to some of the many entrepreneurs in the field of innovation looking at how to improve the efficiency, management and sustainability of our buildings. This was really impressive and I congratulate all those who presented on their products and imagination. I hope my presentation gave some clues as to where they might focus their efforts.

The next 40 Percent Symposium will take place in Berlin in 2018. We will be looking at innovation in real estate and its impact on efficiency and value as it affects the investor and occupier. Hope to be running some TED style presentations in the afternoon for entrepreneurs at the leading edge of building design and use. Interested? Register now!

John Pike FRICS, 40 Percent Symposium Founder