Dieter Siebert

Industry 5.0 - back to human: car park of senses.
Since 2006 Dieter has been Head of Marketing at Deutsche Bahn AG: DB BahnPark GmbH, Berlin.

Mission”It’s easier to imagine what is impossible than to imagine what is possible. – Imagine!”

2006: Founding Team Joint Venture DB BahnPark.

2002-2006: Start-Up: Q-mon Consulting. Training & Coaching for Communication.

2000-2002: Signature, Inc., Dublin, Ohio, USA. Trainer for Sales and Service.

University: Magister Artium Studies of Philosophy, German literature, Italian at Konstanz, Hannover, Rome, Berlin.

Military Service: 1991-1992 Artillery.

Passion: Lyrics, Tango and Boxing.