Dr. Birgit Memminger-Rieve

Since 2007 Ms Memminger-Rieve PhD has dedicated herself to sustainable management of real estate and is recognised European-wide as an expert consultant for building certification and energy management.  She is also an experienced auditor for sustainable building systems such as LEED and BREEAM.  Ms Memminger-Rieve is a member of the BRE Global Standing Panel of Experts and through her company, is a member of GRESB and USGBC as well as founding member of the German Green Building Association (GGBA).  Since 2012, she has also been involved in the developent of the adaption of the BREEAM in-use scheme to the German market together with BRE's German NSO called DIFNI.  In March 2013 she won one of the BREEAM award's at London's environmental fair Ecobuild as BREEAM In-Use Auditor of the year.

Key Skills

  • Vastly experienced in the application of sustainability to real estate.
  • BREEAM and LEED expert assessor.
  • ESG data analysis and GRESB reporting.








Sustainability and Green Building experience



LEED® Accredited Professional

BREEAM Licensed Assessor

BREEAM In-Use Auditor

BREEAM DE Bestand Auditor

Certified to take samples (soil, soil air and groundwater)


16 years of professional experience;Environmental, Health & Safety Due Diligence (EHS), Green Building Certification LEED and BREEAM, investigation of contaminated building materials, investigation and clean-up of contaminated land, brownfield restoration, remedial process engineering and environmental research; execution of projects Europe-wide.


Academic and professional background

since 2001






















Managing Director of ES EnviroSustain GmbH

Main activities: Green Building Certification, Energy Consulting, Technical and Environmental Due Diligence


Doctorate in the fields of environmental and process engineering at the University of Stuttgart, topic: treatment of wash waters arising from in-situ remedial work


Scientific employee at the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering (Institut für Wasserbau) at the University of Stuttgart, work on groundwater and remedial research projects at the Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation (Versuchseinrichtung zur Grundwasser- und Altlastensanierung [VEGAS]); emphasis on: innovative in-situ remedial methods, on-site analysis, and brownfield management


Study of environmental engineering at the University of Stuttgart


Residence abroad (USA), visit of the Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff