Maria Hill - Head of Corporate Relations & Sustainability, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H & Co. KG Germany

Maria Hill is the Head of Corporate Relations & Sustainability, leading the strategic sustainability as well as the Association's work and political communication for ECE

Prior to this Maria was the Head of Sustainability team, focused on the development and expansion of ECE’s sustainability strategy. Before this, Maria was a consultant at the Alexander Otto Sports Foundation as well as for special tasks and ECE’s corporate communications team.  Prior to this she was an Officer for a member of the Hamburg Parliament.

Maria has a substantial education with degrees in business administration, law, sociology and economics from the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg (HWP). In addition to this she has a Diploma in Business Administration specialising in the opportunities and challenges arising from the implementation of guidelines in international companies based on a case study on DFDS (Seaways) GmbH.